What to Expect at an Author Reading

“Arts At Darts,” offers an opportunity to be introduced to new works of literature and poetry directly from our local authors. Hearing an author speak from their own works can add a deeper sense of connection.

The beauty and transformative power of words is often underestimated.  Each of our authors have their own literary voices, which are more heavily layered with meaning than casual conversation.  Our literary heroes at “Arts at Darts,” include: Loreena M. Lee, Trudy Davies, and Cora Goodyear.

Come and hear them – you will not be disappointed.

The schedule of readings presented at the music tent, is as follows:

4:50 Reading by Loreena Lee

5:50 Reading by Trudy Davies

6:50 Reading by Cora Goodyear

At tent #6, the public is invited to meet and speak with the authors, purchase books, and have them signed or dedicated.

Links to the author websites are as follows:

Loreena M. Lee (author, illustrator) :   http://www. dragonlee.ca 

Trudy Davies (author, poet, illustrator):  https://trudymdavies.wordpress.com/

Cora Goodyear (author, poet): Cora Goodyear at Linked-In

Post Editor: Loreena M. Lee  

Wendy Mould: On the Watch – The Salmon Run

The fall rains are falling!  Skies are heavy and dark!  The excitement begins!

Yes, here on the coast, we mourn the loss of summer, watching the skies turn angry and black, dropping buckets of rain; but nature has a new adventure for us.  The sockeye salmon begin their run for life!

The heavy rains send fresh water down the Fraser River and out to the ocean.  It is a signal for the salmon:  the waters are high and time to migrate.  In great numbers they head up the Fraser River to spawn.  They will travel many miles, fighting their way through heavy rapids as they make their way to their homeland, tiny rivers far into the Interior of British Columbia.

September 2014 was Bumper Year for the Adams River Sockeye Run and certainly here on the coast the rivers were busy with salmon heading up stream.  My husband and I joined the nearly 500,000 thousand people that headed up to the spawning grounds on the Adams River in October.  It was truly an amazing sight to see the river red with spawning salmon!!  My picture “On the Watch” was inspired by this event.  All along the lower Fraser in November and early December there were dead salmon providing food for the many eagles that gather here.  My eagle has found his fish and although he was enjoying it, he was ever watchful for the seagulls and eagles that were eager to join in!!

Wendy Mould, AFCA is a wildlife artist working in watercolour and graphite to bring her subjects to life. Her work can be found in collections both local and internationally.  She will be one of the artists at the Arts at Darts Event, June 20, 2015.

Wendy Mould. On The Watch. 13 x 17. Graphite
Wendy Mould. On The Watch. 13 x 17. Graphite

More of her work may seen at : www.artbywendy.com,   www.artbywendysblog.blogsport.com

Jean Moore, Photographic Artist and Woodcrafter

Jean Moore is primarily a photographer who also loves to create or recreate beautiful useful objects  from found wood.

The Douglas Fir logs from a downed tree have been debarked, hollowed out, ground, sanded and oiled to showcase the stunning colours and patterns of the wood. They can be used as planters, end tables, umbrella stands or whatever you can imagine.

Wendy Mould: A Hummingbird Siting – A Magic Moment!

Have you heard the flutter of their wings?  Caught a glimpse as they dash about?

Have you felt that sense of something special?

For the First Nation people the hummingbird symbolizes beauty, intelligence and love.  He is a messenger of joy.  I certainly feel that way.  It is a special treat to glimpse that little bird darting in our garden, hovering over a flower then zooming off.  They are our tiniest birds here on the coast but they have important presences in our world.

For my picture “Afternoon Tea” I have imagined this little hummingbird coming into the garden on a hot sunny day and finding these lovely fuchsias waiting for him.  It will be his afternoon tea!   Hummingbirds are a symbol of good luck in art, so to you I give my good wishes as well.

Wendy Mould, AFCA is a wildlife artist working in watercolour and graphite to bring her subjects to life. Her work can be found in collections both local and internationally.  She will be one of the artists at the Arts at Darts Event, June 20, 2015.

Wendy Mould. Afternoon Tea. Watercolour. 10.5 x 14.5.
Wendy Mould. Afternoon Tea. Watercolour. 10.5 x 14.5.

More of her work may seen at: www.artbywendy.com,   www.artbywendysblog.blogsport.com



What to Expect at an Outdoor Art Show

Outdoor art shows offer the public a unique opportunity to view and purchase artwork.  Surrey has an abundance of artists and comparatively few art Galleries.  Unless you have personal knowledge of an artist and can book a studio visit, their artwork could remain a mystery.  Arts at Darts, is an opportunity to discover some of these talented local artists.

The artists at Arts At Darts, cover a wide range of styles and media and price points.  Original art, purchased directly from artists offers the art patron a chance to connect directly with the artist.  As a result, the artwork and purchase can be more satisfying and meaningful. The cost of the artwork at Arts At Darts, varies based on artist and media.  At the highest end, original metal sculptures, can be priced in the thousands, and prices are generally based on size.  These metal sculptures will outlast a lifetime.

Original painting is priced depending on the artist but size also matters.  If you are interested in original paintings, you might research some of our painters in order to get an idea of their style and price.  Some artists will have less expensive smaller pieces for sale but generally original art is priced to reflect its value.

Other media such as glass works, mixed media, photography and wood sculpture will also be shown at Arts At Darts.

There is no electrical power available to the artists at Arts At Darts.  This makes payment by PayPal, debit, or credit card problematic.  A few artists may be able to take credit card transactions over their cell phones, but cash is the easiest form of payment.  Artists will often make arrangements for payment and pick-up of artwork that suit both parties.  However, cash is the quickest way to get your artwork home.

Cash is also preferred for the silent auction of Artist Painted Adirondack chairs.

Artist Painted Adirondack Chairs for Silent Auction, photo Scarlet Black
Artist Painted Adirondack Chairs for Silent Auction, photo Scarlet Black

Links to Arts at Darts artist websites can be found on the sidebar of the Arts at Darts event blog.

See you on June 20th!

Trudy Davies – Author/Poet

Trudy Davies enjoys writing for adults and children. She is inspired by the beauty of the West Coast of British Columbia and simple things of daily life. She has a wonderful husband Jim and two remarkable adult daughters. Family and friends are very important to her.

Trudy was an occupational therapist in hospital and community settings for almost 30 years. Working with people of all ages, through their troubles and triumphs, was a privilege that enriched Trudy’s perspective on life, and her writing. When health issues significantly altered her career path, creative writing and art became her therapy. She likes to paint “for the joy of it” and has illustrated her three published children’s books, and some of her paintings appear in her book for adults.  The most satisfying writing, for Trudy, is when it feels like the words are flowing through her hand.

Her delightful storybook “Butterfly Dreams: Milo’s Adventure” is available on Amazon, distributed by Ingram Books, and available in some local gift shops. The story is based on bedtime stories Trudy told her own children when they were small; about a magic butterfly that would take them on wonderful adventures. It has been enjoyed by many people, both young and young at heart. The book is illustrated with her vibrant artwork, and has a beautiful enduring message.

Butterfly Dreams, By Trudy Davies
Butterfly Dreams, By Trudy Davies

“Fun With Words (There’s a Reason for the Rhyme)” combine ‘high frequency sight words’ with rhymes and illustrations, making reading easier for some children. More fun is in store with Book 2 which also focuses on word families.  Both books were written by request of teachers, parents, and children. They are a pleasure to read.

“Wings for the Spirit-A journey to hope and love in all seasons” will be available on Amazon soon. It is a collection of Trudy’s inspirational poems for adults, paired with her husband’s artful photography. Poems in the collection have given comfort to people during difficult times, been a source of fun and celebration, and some have become songs. The book is arranged into 9 chapters and designed to be picked up at any time, and enjoyed again and again.

Wings for the Spirit, Poems by Trudy Davies
Wings for the Spirit, Poems by Trudy Davies

Link to Trudy Davies’ blog: www.TrudyMDavies.wordpress.com

Also find Trudy M Davies author page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Trudy-M-Davies/443316119037272

* Trudy Davies will be reading from her work at “Arts At Darts.”