Wildlife Comes to Darts!

Herons, Eagles and Jays will be everywhere!

These are just some of the subjects of Wildlife Artist Wendy Mould.  “When I am out hiking or camping I treasure those moments when I see an animal in the wild.  I want to share this moment through my art:  the barn owl caught in the light by the marsh; the rabbit nibbling on my flowers in the garden; even the bossy Jay chattering on the fence.   This is my passion!”  Using the soft touch of graphite or the excitement of colour with watercolours Wendy brings her work to life on paper.

Wendy Mould was born in Ontario and now lives in Surrey, on the west coast of BC, where she has been following her creative journey for over thirty years.  Wendy graduated from UBC as a teacher and worked with students with learning disabilities for most of her first career.  Creating “things” has always been a big part of her life; she started with fiber and fabric but once she found drawing she knew she had found her true voice.

Wendy shares her work through local shows throughout the Fraser Valley, as an instructor for both groups and private lessons and through Art by Wendy Studio/Gallery.

Wendy has been showing her work for many years and it may be found in private collections both locally and internationally.

To learn more about Wendy’s work see her website: www.artbywendy.com and her blog: www.artbywendysblog.blogspot.ca

Wendy Mould. Contemplation. 11 x 17. $360
Wendy Mould. Contemplation. 11X17. $360

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Scarlet Black

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