Scarlet Black – The Iris Series

I have compiled a series of iris pictures where I tried to see the iris flower in a different way.  The strong shapes and structure of the iris are emphasized.  The resulting images have a dynamic and abstracted quality.  In these pictures, structure and composition loom larger than a usual view of the flower.  We often dismiss the powerful and sensual qualities of a flower.  I use scale, composition, focus and point of view to emphasize these qualities.

These flower pictures are available in many sizes.  A large floral picture can alter the mood of a room and enrich the space in the most wonderful way.

Iris Essence
Iris Essence
Pale Purple Iris
Pale Purple Iris

More flower pictures can be viewed at Scarlet Black’s  Website:

Darts Hill Garden Blog:  and  Scarlet Black’s Flickr site:


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Scarlet Black

MFA, Artist Photographer

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