Wendy Johnson-Burge, Watercolor and Mixed Media Artist

Wendy Johnson – Burge, B.A. D.V.A.T.I.
Watercolour and Mixed Media
After a long hiatus from her artistic endeavours Wendy Burge is pleased to be showcasing her work once again. Still intrigued by the ability of art to translate sensory experiences through the use of textures and colour Wendy uses a more organic approach to her watercolours and mixed media pieces.  She is drawn to take traditional mediums and objects and push their limits by re-engineering them to become something other than what we know them to be; represented in her paintings that use watercolour paper stretched over traditional wooden canvas painting bars down to re-engineering dried leaves mounted and stitched with metallic threads holding roots, beads, and grasses attached to hand -made rice papers.

Since November 2014 Wendy has exhibited twice with The Vendel Festival Art Shows, was accepted into Surrey Art Gallery Art Rental Program in February 2015 and is currently scheduled to exhibit in local shows such at the Arts for Darts Garden exhibition in South Surrey.

Wendy Burge, Watercolor and Mixed Media Artist
Wendy Burge, Watercolor and Mixed Media Artist

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