Tracie Stewart~ Artist for the Environment

Tracie Stewart is the recipient of the Toni Onley Artist in Residence Mentorship program. While in Wells B.C. she will be pursuing her “Art for the Environment,”  with a focus on effects of the disastrous spill at the Mt Polley tailings pond.   As she has been awarded a 50% scholarship,  she will be fundraising for this project as well as the Water Wealth Project in Chilliwack B.C.

Tracie Stewart’s artwork will also be featured in the Surrey Art Gallery’s Arts 2015 juried show, Opening June 26th.   Her painting will also be shown at the Fraser Valley Biennale 2015.

“Into the Mystic” 24×48 acrylic mixed media, Tracie Stewart
Artwork By Tracie Stewart
“Chehailis~ Heart centre” 12×16 acrylic and graphite mixed media, Tracie Stewart

Tracie Stewart~ Artist for the Environment

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