Bill Stewart – An Idea Takes Root

I started creating art later in my life, and somewhat by accident. I was in one of my gardens, and the simple act of pulling a “weed” – a young maple tree – resulted in the germination and growth of an idea, that on June 20 will take me down a garden path as one of the participating artists at “Arts At Darts”. The seed for the idea was borne from the abundance of character that the maple tree roots possessed. I thought about how the largely hidden, and seldom seen roots of trees can have as much mass as the part of the tree above ground. So I pondered the possibilities of growing and creating pieces that would exhibit a tree’s roots. The introduction of another element – a river rock and the inherent essence that comes with them – serves as a way to “capture the roots.

I look forward to my first “art in a garden” show, it seems so appropriate, exhibiting in a garden, art that itself sprang from the ground.


Published by

Scarlet Black

MFA, Artist Photographer

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