The Virtues of Black and White – by Scarlet Black

When I consider a black and white image, I typically think first and feel second. The tendency to consider a black and white image with the intellect first and emotions second, is useful for both the artist and the viewer. We slow down and spend a little longer when first decoding a black and white image.  I use this to my advantage and follow up with strong compositions that are emotionally powerful. Black and white photography is a subset of fine art photography preferred by many artists and collectors.

I have include some examples of these moody and emotional black and white pictures.  They are the kinds of images I like to linger over.

“Dunsmuir Dahlia,” (framed 13.5″X20.25″) will be on display at “Arts At Darts.”  The other images shown can be viewed or purchased as 8″X12″ matted prints, with larger sizes available through custom order.

Dunsmuir Dahlia, Black and white photography, 13.5X20.25", framed $250
“Dunsmuir Dahlia,” Arts 2014 winner – photography and new media, 13.5X20.25″, framed ($250) on display at Arts At Darts

Published by

Scarlet Black

MFA, Artist Photographer

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