Trudy Davies – Author/Poet

Trudy Davies enjoys writing for adults and children. She is inspired by the beauty of the West Coast of British Columbia and simple things of daily life. She has a wonderful husband Jim and two remarkable adult daughters. Family and friends are very important to her.

Trudy was an occupational therapist in hospital and community settings for almost 30 years. Working with people of all ages, through their troubles and triumphs, was a privilege that enriched Trudy’s perspective on life, and her writing. When health issues significantly altered her career path, creative writing and art became her therapy. She likes to paint “for the joy of it” and has illustrated her three published children’s books, and some of her paintings appear in her book for adults.  The most satisfying writing, for Trudy, is when it feels like the words are flowing through her hand.

Her delightful storybook “Butterfly Dreams: Milo’s Adventure” is available on Amazon, distributed by Ingram Books, and available in some local gift shops. The story is based on bedtime stories Trudy told her own children when they were small; about a magic butterfly that would take them on wonderful adventures. It has been enjoyed by many people, both young and young at heart. The book is illustrated with her vibrant artwork, and has a beautiful enduring message.

Butterfly Dreams, By Trudy Davies
Butterfly Dreams, By Trudy Davies

“Fun With Words (There’s a Reason for the Rhyme)” combine ‘high frequency sight words’ with rhymes and illustrations, making reading easier for some children. More fun is in store with Book 2 which also focuses on word families.  Both books were written by request of teachers, parents, and children. They are a pleasure to read.

“Wings for the Spirit-A journey to hope and love in all seasons” will be available on Amazon soon. It is a collection of Trudy’s inspirational poems for adults, paired with her husband’s artful photography. Poems in the collection have given comfort to people during difficult times, been a source of fun and celebration, and some have become songs. The book is arranged into 9 chapters and designed to be picked up at any time, and enjoyed again and again.

Wings for the Spirit, Poems by Trudy Davies
Wings for the Spirit, Poems by Trudy Davies

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* Trudy Davies will be reading from her work at “Arts At Darts.”




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