What to Expect at an Outdoor Art Show

Outdoor art shows offer the public a unique opportunity to view and purchase artwork.  Surrey has an abundance of artists and comparatively few art Galleries.  Unless you have personal knowledge of an artist and can book a studio visit, their artwork could remain a mystery.  Arts at Darts, is an opportunity to discover some of these talented local artists.

The artists at Arts At Darts, cover a wide range of styles and media and price points.  Original art, purchased directly from artists offers the art patron a chance to connect directly with the artist.  As a result, the artwork and purchase can be more satisfying and meaningful. The cost of the artwork at Arts At Darts, varies based on artist and media.  At the highest end, original metal sculptures, can be priced in the thousands, and prices are generally based on size.  These metal sculptures will outlast a lifetime.

Original painting is priced depending on the artist but size also matters.  If you are interested in original paintings, you might research some of our painters in order to get an idea of their style and price.  Some artists will have less expensive smaller pieces for sale but generally original art is priced to reflect its value.

Other media such as glass works, mixed media, photography and wood sculpture will also be shown at Arts At Darts.

There is no electrical power available to the artists at Arts At Darts.  This makes payment by PayPal, debit, or credit card problematic.  A few artists may be able to take credit card transactions over their cell phones, but cash is the easiest form of payment.  Artists will often make arrangements for payment and pick-up of artwork that suit both parties.  However, cash is the quickest way to get your artwork home.

Cash is also preferred for the silent auction of Artist Painted Adirondack chairs.

Artist Painted Adirondack Chairs for Silent Auction, photo Scarlet Black
Artist Painted Adirondack Chairs for Silent Auction, photo Scarlet Black

Links to Arts at Darts artist websites can be found on the sidebar of the Arts at Darts event blog.

See you on June 20th!


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Scarlet Black

MFA, Artist Photographer

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