Wendy Mould: On the Watch – The Salmon Run

The fall rains are falling!  Skies are heavy and dark!  The excitement begins!

Yes, here on the coast, we mourn the loss of summer, watching the skies turn angry and black, dropping buckets of rain; but nature has a new adventure for us.  The sockeye salmon begin their run for life!

The heavy rains send fresh water down the Fraser River and out to the ocean.  It is a signal for the salmon:  the waters are high and time to migrate.  In great numbers they head up the Fraser River to spawn.  They will travel many miles, fighting their way through heavy rapids as they make their way to their homeland, tiny rivers far into the Interior of British Columbia.

September 2014 was Bumper Year for the Adams River Sockeye Run and certainly here on the coast the rivers were busy with salmon heading up stream.  My husband and I joined the nearly 500,000 thousand people that headed up to the spawning grounds on the Adams River in October.  It was truly an amazing sight to see the river red with spawning salmon!!  My picture “On the Watch” was inspired by this event.  All along the lower Fraser in November and early December there were dead salmon providing food for the many eagles that gather here.  My eagle has found his fish and although he was enjoying it, he was ever watchful for the seagulls and eagles that were eager to join in!!

Wendy Mould, AFCA is a wildlife artist working in watercolour and graphite to bring her subjects to life. Her work can be found in collections both local and internationally.  She will be one of the artists at the Arts at Darts Event, June 20, 2015.

Wendy Mould. On The Watch. 13 x 17. Graphite
Wendy Mould. On The Watch. 13 x 17. Graphite

More of her work may seen at : www.artbywendy.com,   www.artbywendysblog.blogsport.com


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Scarlet Black

MFA, Artist Photographer

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