What to Expect at an Author Reading

“Arts At Darts,” offers an opportunity to be introduced to new works of literature and poetry directly from our local authors. Hearing an author speak from their own works can add a deeper sense of connection.

The beauty and transformative power of words is often underestimated.  Each of our authors have their own literary voices, which are more heavily layered with meaning than casual conversation.  Our literary heroes at “Arts at Darts,” include: Loreena M. Lee, Trudy Davies, and Cora Goodyear.

Come and hear them – you will not be disappointed.

The schedule of readings presented at the music tent, is as follows:

4:50 Reading by Loreena Lee

5:50 Reading by Trudy Davies

6:50 Reading by Cora Goodyear

At tent #6, the public is invited to meet and speak with the authors, purchase books, and have them signed or dedicated.

Links to the author websites are as follows:

Loreena M. Lee (author, illustrator) :   http://www. dragonlee.ca 

Trudy Davies (author, poet, illustrator):  https://trudymdavies.wordpress.com/

Cora Goodyear (author, poet): Cora Goodyear at Linked-In

Post Editor: Loreena M. Lee  


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Scarlet Black

MFA, Artist Photographer

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